All content on my blog is written by me and gives you my own honest opinion.I've had a lot of problems with people stealing my photos and  I spend a lot of my time creating my blog templates/header. I would appreciate if someone didn't copy or steal but I'd be really happy if someone created a blog inspired by me and told me! All photos on my blog are of me or taken by me, if a photo is another persons property, I will state this and credit the image with a link. If you do not want your photo on my blog I will happy to remove it from the site.

Press Samples
I accept samples for review that have been agreed to. I prefer to feature everything on my blog that I have chose myself and would be happy to share with my followers. For that reason, I only choose to feature a product or brand I adore. As of the 1st July 2013, any products or items that have been given to me as gifts or sent to me as a PR product preview will be marked with an asterix (*). I thought this method would be a lot easier and I have seen many other blogs do this before.

Guesting and Sponsorship
On my blog I would rather have all my content written by myself to keep it in my particular style. Therefore,  I do not accept guest posts. If you would like to talk about a collaboration or sponsorship opportunity, feel free to drop me an email. 

I live in Manchester and sometimes travel further afield if I am free, just let me know!

For further information and for a copy of my media kit, email me at:

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